We often answer lots of questions about the different types of mobile apps and mobile sites. We can help you determine which is right for you and help make it happen. Here are some quick mobile app definitions for you.

What's difference between a
stand-alone mobile app and a
web-based app?

A stand-alone mobile app is an application that you download and add onto your mobile device, like your smartphone or iPad. It runs all by itself, though it may need to connect to the internet or a database, depending on your apps features. A web-based app is an application that you download and run on your website or social site, like Facebook, and often people can access features of the app, like a coupon, on their mobile device. Web-based apps are also sometimes called widgets or add-ons.

Examples of web-based apps are:
- Facebook social media apps
- Mobile shopping and storefronts
- Mobile ticketing
- Mobile vouchers and coupons
- Mobile loyalty cars and programs
- Mobile payments and micro-payments


What's the difference between a
mobile website and a mobile-friendly

A mobile website is a version of your website that's designed specificially for a mobile device. You can have a tablet version and a smarthone version, and have the right website appear on the right device.

A mobile-friendly website is the same website you seen on a desktop browser, and it appears the same, just smaller. Sometimes mobile friendly websites can be difficult to navigate and read, but they fucntion fine.